Tuesday 15 March 2022

Dehumidification in Electric Panel Room

Due to changes in the outside weather and/or indoor Air Conditioning, temperature and humidity in a room varies. High humidity causes many problems in switchgear rooms like equipment getting damaged due to excess moisture on the switchgear's surface. Due to high humidity, condensation causes short-circuiting of switchgears.

In Electric panel rooms, after short-circuiting, the entire switchgear has to be changed and this is a big financial loss as it is an expensive equipment.

'SUJAY' Portable Dehumidifiers ensure that the relative humidity in switchgear rooms is

controlled below 60% and thus prevents condensation.

This problem is more in coastal areas, specifically  9 States of India like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and West Bengal and four Union Territories like Daman & Diu, Puducherry, Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Bay of Bengal), Lakshadweep Islands (Arabian Sea) which are near the sea. Major engineering companies in these states trust SUJAY Dehumidifiers due to their powerful performance and robust dehumidification.

How dehumidifiers work:

A dehumidifier helps to stop mould and removes excess moisture from the air. A dehumidifier converts moisture into the water and collects it in the water tank. You have to close all doors while using a dehumidifier to get better performance.

Advantages of ‘SUJAY’ Dehumidifiers in switchgear rooms:

• No frequent breakdown.

• Avoid repair/replacement of switchgear. 

• Reduce maintenance costs. 







Friday 3 January 2020

Steps of Installing the Dehumidifier in a Proper Way

For better results from a dehumidifier, it is necessary to install it in a proper way. Proper place, drainage are the main elements while installing a dehumidifier. If installing a dehumidifier is properly done, it will easily catch moisture from the air and you will save from heavy costly repairing expenses.
Sometimes many peoples say my dehumidifier did not work properly, 60-70% there is a chance that it is not installed properly. In this article, you will get proper guidance on how to install a dehumidifier in the right way.
Select a suitable model & position.
Portable dehumidifiers have castor wheel so they are very much comfortable to take from one place to another where we want dehumidification.
If you have a portable dehumidifier make sure that it is according to your room size, in which you want dehumidification. If you want dehumidification in a basement or in the storage room you need a huge capacity dehumidifier, but if you want dehumidification in a room, bedroom or home hall you need less capacity.
If your whole home is affected due to humidity, a small portable dehumidifier is not enough. If you depend on the HVAC system to control the inside air, you have to purchase a big dehumidifier. The unit directly connects with the HVAC system & then both can help to decrease humidity level. But we cannot personally install it & these are also very costly
Dehumidifiers collect moisture from the air; the unit collects this water in the water collection tank. Some companies provide direct drain facilities in their models. It is very easy for those who have no time to empty the water tank every time when it is full. So, you have to place the dehumidifier in which direct drain pipe can be easily fit. It is advisable to use a pipe which comes with your dehumidifier because its length & width match with your requirement.
Plug your dehumidifier and set the humidity level which you want. When the humidity of the room reaches which we set it automatically cut off and again starts when humidity level again increases & again cut off when humidity level reached. So this cycle continuously going on and on.
But after following the above all steps it is necessary to maintain the unit. It is advisable to clean the unit regularly to get a better result. Regular service will help the unit to function perfectly.

Wednesday 25 December 2019

Step by Step Guidance: How to clean Portable Dehumidifier

A Dehumidifier's main work is to remove moisture from the air along with bacteria, mold, etc. So, It is advisable to clean it regularly every month, when the unit is used regularly. Please follow the below steps for better use in the long term. The dehumidifier also helps to clean the air in which you are breathing So it is necessary to clean it for better use.
Firstly for safety purposes power off dehumidifier and unplug even though you are only washing the water collection tank, filters, etc.
A Dehumidifier has the potential to collect the bacteria from the air. So after switching off a dehumidifier, take a dry cloth and remove dust and other components from the outside area and if it is still dirty, you can dampen the cloth than clean it, but you cannot spray water directly on a dehumidifier.
Dehumidifier collects moisture from the air and turns it in water so it is obvious that the water tank gets dirty fast if you are not using a direct drain facility. So, it is advisable to clean the water collection tank once in three weeks. The third step is to clean the water tank with liquid soap and water and then scrub gently. When bucket dries completely you can fix it again in a dehumidifier. 
The air filter is the main part of the Dehumidifier. Air filter main role is to collect moisture, mold, and dust from the air and turn it in water which collects in a water collection tank. So, the fourth step is to wash the air filter with water and soap & dry completely before reinstalling in a dehumidifier.
The fifth and last step is if dust still appears outside or inside of the dehumidifier clean it with a vacuum or a brush.
You can clean your dehumidifier after following the above steps but first, read the manual which comes with Dehumidifier.

Tuesday 15 October 2019


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Wednesday 25 September 2019

How to choose suitable Dehumidifier for Home

Humidity is also one reason along with the heat which makes you uncomfortable to sound sleep at night in your bedroom. You need a Dehumidifier to control humidity & clean air in a bedroom.  A dehumidifier helps to remove excess moisture from the air & reduce humidity. Dehumidifier collects moisture from the air & turn it into the water which collects in a water tank of a dehumidifier.
Various sizes & types of Dehumidifier are available in the market. So, you have to choose the best suitable dehumidifier for your bedroom or home.
For sleep, you have to choose low noise dehumidifier which doesn’t disturb you at night. For Breathing purpose humidity level is between 30% to 50% for human comfort. In many dehumidifiers specifications of auto cut off is available so, you have to set the required level of humidity & it automatically cut off when it reached the desired level. If the above option is not available then you can also put digital hygrometer to check the humidity level in your bedroom.
 For easy selection of dehumidifier for your room, bedroom or home, here are some models which are suitable for your humidity control purpose.
       SUJAY portable Dehumidifier SDH-10: This is a portable dehumidifier with 4 wheels available at the bottom side. If in the day time you want to dry your clothes in one room & at night you want to control humidity in a bedroom. You can move it easily.  It covers 150 sq.ft (1500 cubic feet) at 30 degree temperature without AC & covers 75 sq.ft. with AC. It can control humidity up-to 40%.  It has 1 ltr. Water tank collection capacity. Noise level is 38db. Direct drain facility is also available, so you don’t have to remove the tank when it full again and again. You can set humidity which you require when it reaches the desired level it automatically cut off.

       SUJAY portable Dehumidifier SDH-20: This is also portable dehumidifier with 4 wheels available at the bottom side, so    you can move easily from one place to another. It covers 250 sq.ft. (2500 cubic feet) without AC & covers 125 sq.ft. with     AC. It also can control humidity upto 40%.  It has 3.5 ltr.    Water tank collection capacity. Noise level is 43db. Drainage pipe available so you can direct drain water. This model is almost double from the above model.
 SUJAY portable Dehumidifier SDH-50: This is normally suitable for a big room, living area, room hall or home area which is not covered with doors, It is suitable to control humidity upto 40%, which covers 400 sq.ft. (4000 cubic feet)   at 30 degrees temperature without AC & covers 200 sq.ft.    with AC. It has 4.5 ltr. water collection tank. Noise level is 50 dB. Direct drain facility available.
 Electricity consumption is low in above all models & all are available in Amazon.
If you have no idea about humidity level at your home you can use SUJAY Digital Thermo-Hygrometer. Which indicate about room temperature & humidity level. It also covers time, month, and year. You can also alarm. This is also available on Amazon.

Saturday 21 September 2019

Portable Dehumidifier vs Air Purifier

Air Purifier and Dehumidifier look similar but the uses and specification are different. You can research about differences between both products.
Air Purifier and Dehumidifier both can reduce the allergens, both are helpful for those who suffer from asthma and allergens problems. An air purifier can remove dust and many allergens from air & clean the air of a particular area. While dehumidifier can remove (humidity) moisture from the air, 
An air purifier has an inbuilt filter. Which removes many particles like dust, smoke, etc from the air. An air purifier is helpful to stop mold growth, but it cannot stop excess moisture in humidity area. An air purifier can clear the air but it cannot stop returning of mold.
The Portable dehumidifier can control excess moisture or humidity from your room, bedroom, home, office, storage room, basement, etc.  Excess moisture can grow mold bacteria. A dehumidifier cannot clean the air but it can able to maintain a clean environment. You can take benefit of both products if you are suffering from air quality problems or bad smell.

Various types of Dehumidifiers available in the market like portable, desiccant, etc. all are different from each other but all are helpful to reduce the humidity level from an air.

To get a better result from air purification you have to change its filter every six months. If there are plates instead of filter, then they need to be cleaned in every week by removing the plates from the unit. While to get a better result from a dehumidifier you have to clean the coils, filter, etc parts every few months.

Peoples who suffer from asthma or any type of allergies problems, an air purifier can help those peoples by cleaning the air in which they are breathing. While a dehumidifier is beneficial to remove excess humidity from air & stop the growth of mold and dust.
You can use either both or one of them to get better air quality & for controlling humidity in a particular area.

Saturday 23 March 2019

Things keep in the mind while purchasing an Ultrasonic Humidifier

An Ultrasonic Humidifier is best to add moisture to the environment. So, many buyers think that ultrasonic humidifier is a perfect solution in the winter season to increase humidity in their homes.
Environment Scientist's report that ultrasonic machines can fill household air with tiny particles of minerals and microorganisms pieces which effect on lungs and convert in allergies.
Probable Danger of Ultrasonic humidifier may occur where peoples are using this machine since last five years. The new finding explains a number of complaints from consumers, who have reported that the use of an ultrasonic humidifier produced a chronic cough or allergic symptoms in one or more household members.
The problem becomes more dangerous when peoples are using mineral-laden tap water in humidifiers and machines are not cleaned regularly to keep free from bacteria and mold. Atom-level is more in closed room air than outdoor air.
However, the high level of humidifier sound kills microorganisms. Scientists say that fragments of bacteria and mold spread in the indoor air and its effects on the human body and results into allergy. If indoor air is too much humid than also molds grow in the house.
Scientists also advised users that they should be aware of problems occur due to the use of tap water in the humidifier.
Most of the people think that modern humidifier solved the earlier humidifier problems which were linked with many diseases like cough, fever shortness of breath. But new technology also results in problems because users do not follow the instructions of the manufacturer to get effective use of the health-care humidifier.
While the manufacturer of ultrasonic humidifiers always advice to clean regular basis to avoid more expense. Besides Calcium, many Pollutants sprayed into the air by ultrasonic humidifiers.
Humidifiers for Health:
No doubt adding moisture in heated indoor air can increase comfort. In the deserts are Ultrasonic humidifier is beneficial to live a healthy life.
Manufacturer of Ultrasonic humidifier does not make medical claims. They only suggest using devices to increase moisture in indoor air, because in winter home furniture, plants and paintings are affected due to dryness.
If you are not aware to keep the ultrasonic humidifier clean regularly, then health problems arise, because organisms are carried through water drops into the air, in which you are breathing.
An ultrasonic humidifier is beneficial, despite many problems, when they are properly used. If the user follows cleaning instructions which are provided in the manual.
If the user ignores the manufacturer advice & use tap water in a unit, then 90% of the substances dissolved in the water will be affected into the air you are breathing, which directly include into the lungs. So, keep all the above things in mind & choose perfect Ultrasonic Humidifier.